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In 5 different sizes

  • mini – 23 * 23cm
  • high– 23 * 32cm
  • medium – 34 * 25cm
  • large – 34 * 34cm
  • Backpack 28 * 43cm

Each flap design is available in every bag size.

Geckobag Mini 23 x 23 cm

It is particularly suitable if you do not want to take a lot of contents with you and is especially popular with kids!

  • 1 bag (incl. flap) € 47,–
  • 1 flap (without pocket) € 17,–

Geckobag Medium 34 x 25 cm

Suitable for DIN A4 and some laptops up to 13″.

  • 1 bag (including flap) € 57.00
  • 1 tab (without pocket) € 19.00

Gecko bag large 34 x 34 cm

Suitable for file folders and some laptops up to 15″.

  • 1 bag (including strap) € 62.00
  • 1 tab (without pocket) € 21.00

Gecko bag high 23 x 32 cm

Suitable for tablets such as iPad, DIN A4 or laptops up to 13″.

  • 1 bag (including flap): € 53.00
  • 1 tab (without pocket) € 19.00

How can we help you?

We are happy to continue to accept your orders by telephone or email!

Or you can visit us in our store in 1080 Vienna, Florianigasse 23.

Geckobag backpack 28 x 43 cm

Suitable for laptops up to 17″. Back insert with laptop protection or compartment – outside pocket with zipper for cell phone – one inside pocket with zip and 2 compartments.

1 backpack (incl. strap) € 85.–
1 strap (without backpack) € 23.–

All prices are in EUR including 20% ​​statutory VAT
plus. Shipping costs.

The use of a GECKOBAG is very diverse. As a chic designer handbag, business bag, courier bag, messenger bag, as a school bag, as a leisure bag, as a men’s shoulder bag and much more.
Our “mini” format (23 x 23 cm) is particularly suitable for when you are not want to take a lot of content with them and is particularly popular with kids!

Only the best material!

GECKOBAGs are made from a very high quality imitation leather. You can tell by the natural look and the very good quality. The material is extremely durable and yet cuddly, it is waterproof and tear-resistant, antibacterial and free from substances that are harmful to the environment and harmful to health span>. The pockets are sewn, no glue or adhesive substances are used.

Velcro fastener

The Velcro is of very good quality and can last up to 30,000! Can be put on and taken off.

Carry strap

The 5 cm wide carrying strap is infinitely adjustable from 75 – 135 cm and adapts perfectly to your body size. It is strong enough to carry heavy contents well.


To clean your shoulder bag, please use a damp, soft cloth.

Lots of storage space and order!

The GECKOBAG has different versions depending on its size:

  • 3 – 6 different sized inner compartments and
  • an additional zipper compartment

Everything is ready for an organized interior and security of your bag contents.

Wie können wir Ihnen helfen?

Gerne nehmen wir Ihre Bestellungen auch weiterhin telefonisch oder per E-Mail entgegen!

Or you can visit us in our store in 1080 Vienna, Florianigasse 23.

Handmade in Vienna since 2008!

All pockets and tabs are cut, sewn, tested and finished by hand. We therefore guarantee excellent quality and are there for you personally in our workshop.
The digital printing and processing of the Design tabs take place in Vienna. Therefore, we are flexible and can respond to your wishes.

Attention: new opening hours Tuesday and Thursday

10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. or by telephone arrangement